Sidewalk trip hazard repair

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  • Lee C. in Alma, WI was tired of the trip hazards on his concrete sidewalk. The concrete had cracked and sunk in numerous spots, making it a dangerous and unsightly surface. Lee contacted American Waterworks to receive a free estimate, so we sent a Design Specialist to his home to inspect his concrete first-hand. Our Design Specialist assured him that we could raise his concrete to make it a ...
  • Sidewalk repair and maintenance are the responsibility of the fronting property owner (Streets & Highways Code Sections 5610-5618). However, if alerted to a hazardous situation, the City will place a temporary asphalt patch to mitigate trip and fall hazards caused by uplifted sidewalk panels until permanent concrete repairs can be made by the ...
  • Dec 22, 2020 · Homeowners should be aware of the following replacement criteria: Sidewalks that are raised or settled creating a trip hazard, sidewalks with a large number of cracks, sidewalks that have a large ...
  • Trip hazards will always present an unsightly liability, both in residential and commercial properties. Luckily, there’s Fusion-Crete -- a quick and economical product for sidewalk trip hazard repair. Fusion-Crete can be used to quickly level uneven concrete to fix sidewalk trip hazards and to correct concrete drainage problems.
  • Walkway Grinding Company specializes in “trip hazard removal" for safe sidewalks. Your inexpensive trip-hazard solution. Walkway Grinding is an alternative to replacing costly concrete walkways by simply shaving down the raised areas of concrete, or raising sunken sections of the concrete. We can also raise the sidewalk if the edges of a curb ...
  • Concrete Grinding Repair Sidewalk Concrete 2018-4-30 Concrete Grinding of California, a division of 100% concrete. We are a 4th generation concrete c
  • Sidewalk Construction & Repair Document Maintaining Mt. Lebanon is a matter of pride. It is important to preserve the community for the future and protect the community’s investments in streets, sewers, and sidewalks by keeping them clean, safe, looking good, and working well.
  • Trip Hazard Repair, Concrete Grinding. Outdoor Solutions is your local leader in Trip Hazard Repair and Trip Hazard Removal. Our specialties include: Concrete Cutting, Concrete Pouring, Concrete Grinding and Sidewalk Maintenance & Repair. We help eliminate your liability from Trip Hazards and make your property safer with our Trip Hazard processes.
  • Sinking driveways, uneven patios, cracked garage floors and sunken sidewalks are not only unsightly, they can also be hazards. And putting off small repairs will almost guarantee bigger, more expensive repairs or replacements will be necessary in the future. For concrete repair in Kansas City, mudjacking is a great solution.
  • Only sidewalk slab(s) that have been determined hazardous and requiring repair/replacement are eligible. Eligible sidewalks include those: With a 1" or more trip hazard; That are buckling due to tree root growth** That are settling, with the sidewalk dipping 2" or more; That are tipped, tilted or sloped more than 1" per foot
  • Sidewalk Trip Hazard Repair Insurance expenses are already high enough. Don’t let a preventable trip and fall happen on your watch. Contact the experts for a quick, professional repair. Click Here to dowload more info about Sidewalk Trip Hazards. Click Here to download more info about Sidewalk Scarification. Common Causes: Tree Roots
  • PROBLEM: Sidewalk sections that change in elevation more than ½-in create a tripping hazard, but even a ¼-in elevation can cause trips, especially among the elderly. SOLUTION: Repair or replace concrete to provide a smooth transition between sections. Grinding and mudjacking are typically more economical than replacement.
  • A sunken, uneven walkway looks bad and creates a tripping hazard. If you have concrete around your home that's cracked or uneven, such as a sidewalk, driveway, patio, or pool deck, Canadian Concrete Leveling offers the repair options you need to help you protect the look of your concrete.
  • Trip hazards expose the property owner to enormous liability. Walkway hazards can cause potential issues for employees, the general public and homeowners. Correcting a sidewalk for a home, public area or commercial property is quick, neat and will remove or significantly reduce any safety or liability issues.
  • My sidewalk was a hazard. The slabs were all uneven causing a trip hazard and water running toward my house. The guys were fast, courteous, hard-working and professional. They got the slabs level and cleaned up all good as new.
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Shasti pooja in kannadaPotholes—Potholes in concrete and asphalt not only create tripping hazards but can also collect water, which could freeze and lead to slips next winter. Fill potholes with gravel or paver base as a temporary fix, but have a permanent repair done as soon as possible. Unpainted Curbs and Ramps—Unpainted curbs and ramps may be hard to see. Make them more visible by painting them bright yellow.
Oct 31, 2013 · Failure to inspect and repair trip hazards leads to lawsuits. Sidewalk liability claims are a financial burden on budgets. Across the nation, in small, medium and large cities, trip and fall litigation is significant. The City of Los Angeles pays out about $4 million a year to settle trip and fall cases.
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  • TrowelPave Concrete quickly and easily fixes sidewalk trip hazards. Concrete Repair Products ... ADA-Compliant Access Ramps, Alligator Cracking, Sidewalk Trip Hazards ...
  • Oct 07, 2020 · Sidewalk Repairs Underway City-wide City of Hollywood contractor, Florida Sidewalk Solutions, is working to correct 1,349 potential vertical trip hazards in three (3) high pedestrian traffic zones. Construction will cover over one mile of repairs and will be completed in stages, with high hazard locations taking first priority.
  • The ADA sidewalk guidelines have been revised and updated several times including major revisions in 2010 that significantly expanded the definition of the disabled. PRECISION Trip Hazard Removal has been following these updates since 2001 to insure our sidewalk inspections and repair work is always 100% ADA compliant.

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Standard work consists of grinding concrete trip hazards on sidewalks and walkways with a drum scarifier to reduce the vertical displacement of the concrete slab. If you need ADA compliant work done we carefully measure each trip hazard height with specialized tools, and then create a graded slope to meet current accessibility standards.
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Once tree roots start to uproot the sidewalk, you need to deal with the issue immediately to help curb the amount of damage that is allowed to occur. Collapsed Sidewalk- Whether it is from the weight of heavy machinery, erosion, or just natural wear and tear over a long period of time, a collapsed section of sidewalk is a serious issue. In addition to being unsightly, it is also a serious hazard, and needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible.
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Sidewalk maintenance doesn't stop when the snow melts. The winter freeze-thaw cycles can cause frost heave and play havoc on pedestrian walkways creating dangerous trip hazards and liability exposure for the city. Removing these hazards is often outsourced to companies that specialize in slab jacking (aka mudjacking), grinding or milling.
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Sidewalks & Walkways. An uneven sidewalk not only looks bad, but it creates a tripping hazard. If the concrete slab is still intact, don't waste your money on replacing the concrete. With PolyLevel, we can raise your sunken sidewalk, allowing you to walk on the sidewalk within an hour. Our sidewalk leveling process saves you time and money.
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PROBLEM: Sidewalk sections that change in elevation more than ½-in create a tripping hazard, but even a ¼-in elevation can cause trips, especially among the elderly. SOLUTION: Repair or replace concrete to provide a smooth transition between sections. Grinding and mudjacking are typically more economical than replacement.
  • Sidewalk grinding is a cost-effective alternative to sidewalk replacement. Sidewalk panels that have settled are cut or ground down to eliminate trip hazards. Slabjacking stabilizes and corrects concrete settlement by creating a solid foundation under the sidewalk, curb or gutter. Injection holes are cored into the uneven surface and core holes are injected with grout to raise the concrete back to level. A "temporary repair" is usually a ramp of asphalt placed on the defective curb, gutter, or sidewalk to eliminate a hazard, especially a trip hazard. A temporary repair using asphalt is not considered a permanent repair.
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  • For just a small fraction of that cost, a sidewalk, curb and/or gutter can be patched, repaired and made new again. Trip hazards are eliminated and housing developments increase in value with the improved curb appeal. Curb, Gutter & Sidewalk Resurfacing Application Instructions Curb, Gutter & Sidewalk Resurfacing System Datasheet
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  • Sidewalk Trip Hazard Concrete Grinding Repair is a method to remove uneven or raised sidewalks caused by tree roots or age. Typically about 1 inch to 1 1/2 inches high. The most common reason to concrete grinding is to reduce sidewalk tripping hazard liability.
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  • Sidewalk joint grinding is a cost effective method of leveling trip hazards and substantially reducing injuries to citizens from trip and fall accidents by grinding down the uneven joints between sidewalk panels. Sidewalk and curb repairs enhance pedestrian safety, mobility and promote healthier communities.
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  • Fix Uneven Sidewalk Trip Hazards in South Florida Florida Sidewalk Solutions is proud to be the premier trip hazard removal company in South Florida. Centrally located in Davie, we provide our high-quality concrete cutting services to Broward County and its surrounding areas.
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